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Services and Prices

We want your evaluation of Nimble to be easy, and at your own pace. We suggest:

  1. Initial discussion of your ideas, requirements and objectives with Andy Oliver
  2. 30 minute demonstration of nimble®Author and nimble®LMS
  3. We will set up a free, unlimited period trial, and include 5 x free credits*.

*One credit = 1 course for 1 learner for 1 year.

Picture of a lady giving a thumbs up

When you are sure that Nimble is the solution for you then you can either:

Take an annual licence for the Nimble Solution

  • Up to 300 ‘simultaneously registered’ learners, with unlimited courses
  • Customer Success Manager assigned by Nimble Elearning Ltd
  • Telephone and email support from Nimble Elearning Ltd
  • Bespoke URL
  • Additional Functionality:
    • Start a new course using a duplicate of an existing course
    • Export/Import NImble Courses using SCORM
    • Issue post-course completion certificates.

Continue with the Trial Version on a Pay-as-you-Go basis

  • Functionality of the Trial Version
  • Purchase credits, starting at £35 for 10 credits
  • Support from FMI Consulting.

Price Scheme: Web based service under Annual Licence

Learners (up to) Authors Administrators Price (ex VAT)
300 1 10 £2,200
600 1 10 £4,200
1000 1 10 £5,500
2000 2 10 £7,500

The annual licence includes 1 x nimble®Author and nimble®LMS. It allows unlimited courses to be served, up to a specific number of simultaneously registered learners.


FMI Quick Start Course Creation - Click to Show details

Price: £750 plus VAT

If you need assistance to create your first course, then FMI Consulting provides a Quick Start Course Creation Service. The course will:

  • use your existing material
  • be up to approximately 45 minutes duration
  • be created using nimble®Author
  • be handed over with a step by step explanation of how it was created
  • will require some additional inputs from you, especially for any post course assessment test
  • be served to your learners using nimble®LMS, under Pay-as-You-Go or annual licence arrangements.

The Quick Start Service is for your first course only, and is offered at a discounted rate. The fee is £750 plus VAT.

The course is SCORM compliant. It will run on Nimble and any other LMS. It can be edited only by nimble®Author.

Animation and Video Services can be added to the Quick Start Course Creation Service.

Additional courses can be developed at a competitive rate. Please ask for details.

FMI Animation Services - Click for details

Standard Animation

Price : £300 plus VAT

This option provides an animated video of between 60-90 seconds for the Introduction to your course. The video above shows one of ours, deployed in advance of a residential business simulaiton. This option gives the learner a strong initial impression of the professional design of the course, and value for the learner. Animation helps learner engagement. When you are animated, people listen!

The animation is low cost because it uses a fixed framework, set out in 4 sections. It uses a standard digital puppet character with animated mouth, eyes, and limbs.

Inside this standard framework the following elements can be customised:

  • Change title to the four sections
  • Animated key point text
  • Colour themed to your brand – backgrounds and the puppet’s tie
  • Voice over, with puppet character hand and lip sync
  • Background music.


Custom Avatar

Price: £750 plus VAT

This option provides an animated Avatar for your own use. It allows the trainer to personalise their online courses. This creates a link to face-to-face and other contact training sessions.

The avatar in the example above is used by Andy Oliver in his online courses. This service will create your own.

You can use your Custom Avatar for any subsequent animation.


Service Avatar Framework Content Price (exVAT)
Standard Animation Standard

No charge

No charge

Custom Animation Custom





Custom Avatar and Custom Framework can be re-used in other courses at no additional charge. All you will need to customise is the content, at £300 per course.

FMI Video Services - Click for details

Video Clips   £300 plus VAT

This provides a range of short ‘talking head’ videos for use during your course. The fee is based on 1 hour studio time in Credition, Devon. It includes green screen, for custom background, and editing. It is practical to produce between 5-7 minutes of content using this option. If you use our Quick Start Course Creation Service then scripting would be included in that fee.

This option maintains learner engagement and the momentum of the course. It introduces the client/trainer personally: very helpful to the relationship if you are also delivering face-to-face sessions.