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Create and manage your own eLearning portfolio: quickly, easily and at low cost.

FMI Consulting is an Authorised Reseller of the Nimble eLearning Solution. We also provide advice and services to get you on the road to success in the creation and management of your online training.

The Nimble solution delivers practical and cost-effective eLearning. It is designed and priced to meet the needs and resources of the smaller organisation. Over 180 companies use Nimble to create and edit their own online courses, to manage their learner community and to track progress and results.

FMI Consulting uses Nimble Software to create and manage its own eLearning offering. As an Authorised Nimble Reseller, Andy Oliver helps fellow professionals to engage successfully with eLearning. His experience and services will support your deployment of courses that add value to your internal and external training offerings: quickly, easily, and at low cost.

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Nimble for HR, L&D and Training Teams

Nimble is designed to help you introduce and grow eLearning in your company: quickly and  easily. Nimble gives HR and L&D Managers the ability to create and edit their own courses, to manage their learners, enrol them on courses and track progress and results.  

  • Get productive and independent very quickly with Nimble’s intuitive rapid authoring tool
  • Serve an unlimited number of courses to your staff
  • Practical functions and many automated features for managing and monitoring your staff’s online training
  • Personal relationship with your Nimble Customer Success Manager, plus email and telephone support.

Nimble for Independent Consultants and Training Providers

We use Nimble ourselves. So we are really confident that Nimble really does deliver in terms of the final training product. A subject matter expert really can create and update their own courses. Nimble provides excellent support: real people on the phone, and not self-service from a library or user forum. We can ourselves have proved the following benefits, and are discovering others as we expand our portfolio.

  • Enhance the value of your offering  with client specific online training
  • Expand your reach and customer base with online sales via your website
  • Create training products that have recurring revenue for low on-going effort
  • Help your clients reduce their training cost.
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